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Our goal is simply to help prevent addiction and to try to save the lives of those people who are bravely fighting this insidious disease. We recognize that addiction is not only at an epidemic proportion here in New Jersey but also throughout the United States.

The Second Chance Addiction and Recovery Foundation is striving to change that. By educating parents and children on the subjects of drug abuse and prevention, we believe that we can facilitate an open dialogue that will enable both prevention and recovery. Addiction is a disease and it can be treated with professional help. We can remove the stigma associated with addiction so that those affected will seek help. We know that by working together, our goal will be realized.

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How low can this organization get. Now they are going to attempt to convince unsuspecting parents and children, the " GOD " supports the smoking of Marijuana. I would love to see that passage in the scripture. In addition, they use a Chicago police officer turned pastor as the spokesmen. I wonder just how long it is going to take people to realize just what a sham this organization really is. This would be like my Foundation telling you " God " spoke to me last night and said that anyone who smokes pot will be banned from heaven only to spend eternity in hell. I am sure I would be called a crackpot in about a second. They should be ashamed of themselves. The only thing this group might be able to claim as far as religion is concerned is they seem to be leading the " sheep out to pasture " #SCARFNJ Second Chance Addiction & Recovery Foundation of NJ, Inc. ... See MoreSee Less

Our friend Rev. John E. Jackson, who is a former Chicago police officer turned pastor, is part of a great coalition of faith leaders who support ending the war on drugs. Their story was featured in USA TODAY last year: usat.ly/1m67oIt — with Tara Susan Goodrich and 3 others.

10 hours ago

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Maybe one of the most important lessons regarding addiction that everyone needs to learn and understand. We are not all perfect and parenting is a difficult job, but nothing is worse than denial or lying to yourself about something. It is more important and beneficial to face the hard truth then try and deny the facts. You will get past it, but if you can't own up to it, the consequences are potentially far worse than a little embarrassment. #SCARFNJ Second Chance Addiction & Recovery Foundation of NJ, Inc. ... See MoreSee Less

The Jennifer Act Let's be crystal clear, It really does happen. What are we going to do about it?

16 hours ago

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