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Our goal is simply to help prevent addiction and to try to save the lives of those people who are bravely fighting this insidious disease. We recognize that addiction is not only at an epidemic proportion here in New Jersey but also throughout the United States.

The Second Chance Addiction and Recovery Foundation is striving to change that. By educating parents and children on the subjects of drug abuse and prevention, we believe that we can facilitate an open dialogue that will enable both prevention and recovery. Addiction is a disease and it can be treated with professional help. We can remove the stigma associated with addiction so that those affected will seek help. We know that by working together, our goal will be realized.

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Just listen and wait for the last 30 seconds then remember, Addiction has no boundaries and never discriminates. #SCARFNJ ... See MoreSee Less

"Somehow, if it's heroin or cocaine or alcohol, we say, 'They decided it, they're getting what they deserved.'" (Read more here: huff.to/1LQg27g)

1 year ago  ·  

Hate to say " it's about time " they woke up and did something that will help those who suffer from the disease of addiction. Now let's hope they don't screw it all up trying to put it in place. Baby steps I guess. #SCARFNJ

As a side note, what could be wrong with the two how did not vote for it. Think about that!
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The US Senate passed the Comprehensive Addiction & Recovery Act (CARA) today with an overwhelming 92-2 vote! It will now be passed to the President's desk to be signed into law. Recovery advocacy makes history! Your voices have helped to pass this expansive legislation. We have successfully educated our policymakers about the epidemic that is devastating our nation. We also showed them that long-term recovery is a reality for over 23 million Americans! #ThankYouSenate #RecoveryVoicesCount

2 years ago  ·  

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