Current Efforts

current-effortsAn integral component of our current strategic plan involves undertaking the full development of programmatic activities in an effort to achieve our overarching goals. The organization is currently striving to launch our drug prevention programs in New Jersey schools.

We hope to produce an educational video, 15 to 20 minutes in length, where youth in junior high and high school can hear firsthand from those who have been affected by drug abuse and addiction. We would also speak to youth for 15 to 20 minutes and educate with facts about drug as well as share our own personal experiences. We also hope to have local celebrities give a taped message to youth as well as possibly come to schools for our presentations. We would then have a Q & A session afterwards.

We are targeting 10 school districts this year, and hope to have 20 productions total—one for junior high schools and one for high schools per school district.

current-efforts2We also plan to provide recovery resources on our website for those who have already suffering from the disease of drug addiction. In addition, we plan to partner with other diverse drug related organizations so that we can share resources in the hopes of reaching a broader spectrum of people so we can help anyone who needs help in restoring their lives back to being addiction free and sober.

Our goals will be accomplished through the implementation of stimulated activities that are organized around a well-developed prospectus. Throughout implementation of the proposed activities our organization will continue to address the needs of our target communities, to brighten lives, and to assist and support youth and their families.